Homeowners in Newcastle are very focused on their home’s front entry door. What they do not know is that garage doors are equally important or even more important than a front entry way. The garage door can give your home not only security, but curb appeal too.

But, with the many options of garage doors, you may not know which is the best for you to consider. This article will help you decide which among the available garage doors is best suitable for your needs, style and budget.

Types of Garage Doors In Newcastle

Below are the basic types of doors you can consider to install in your garage:

Roll Up Garage Door

This is a perfect choice for homes and commercial spaces that have limited space on their ceiling. Coiling doors or roll up are made to stand heavy use, and high-performance units, on the other hand, are built with no springs or enclosed, so rust, freezing and corrosion are prevented.

Because of its heavy-duty nature, this option is a lot more expensive than the rest.

Slide To Side Garage Door

As the name of the garage door implies, it works by bending the door to one side, parallel to the wall. This is one of the very first types of garage door introduced in the market, and it is best for garages that have little headroom.

The doors run on the lower trolley that is highly flexible and feasible to work with slopes in the ceiling or floor. This type of garage door does not need balancing springs, and it has a fixed retractable motor to operate automatically without the requirement of a ceiling-mounted mechanism.

Side-hinged garage door

This old fashioned look, side hinged garage door swing closed and open from an axis frame on both sides of the garage door opening. They are similar to huge barn doors. Most of side hinged garage doors are made of wood, although galvanised steel are available as well.

Because of its characteristics, the ability to work on limited headroom or garage with obstructions, this type is getting its popularity. There are options to choose from this type:

  • Pre-hung steel frame
  • Fit in the existing opening
  • Automated with conversion arms


Tilt-Up & Over Canopy

This type of garage door does not have sections, as it is made of a solid piece. It has a pivoting hinge gear, so that it can be titled up to the garage. This style door rests parallel to the ceiling of the garage and extends along the façade of your home when doors are open.

This may require more space, hence not suitable to homes that only have limited space to give for their doors.

Sectional Garage door

This type, on the other hand, is built with panel sections connected with a hinge. As you open and close the door, the wheels located at the edges of the panel will roll inside a vertical pathway installed at every side of the door’s opening.

This is most of the time made of steel and requires low maintenance, hence, it is in demand.

Now that you know that types of garage doors, it is time to look for garage door installers in Newcastle who can fit the best type to your home or business building.