Wood has been used for decades as a building material. While there is no denying the fact that the new materials which are now used for designing gates have their own set of advantages, wooden gates are always a class apart. Wood is a natural material. When designed properly, timber gates have a classic and timeless appeal. There are quite a few reasons why people still like to invest in timber gates

Why install timber gates?

  • Wood has better tensile strength when compared to other manmade materials. In certain cases timber gates can be designed in a variety of ways. The design can make the space look more welcoming. At the same time, the gates are sturdy enough and do not require support of any kind.
  • Wood is resistant to electrical conductivity. Usually before being used for building material the moisture content of the timber is dried up to a certain extent. Once that is done, wood is resistant to electricity. Plus it is also heat resistant. During extreme weather conditions, you wouldn’t find wood becoming too hot or cold to touch. This allows timber to be a safe material in case of any natural disasters.

  • Aesthetic appeal. Timber gates are beautiful to look at. Nothing beats a classy looking timber gate. It looks grand and welcoming at the same time. It can add a ton of appeal to your home and also increase its value.
  • While wood is a natural material and should be saved for the benefit of the environment, it should be kept in mind that wooden gate are easier to manufacture when compared to gates which are designed from manmade materials. The overall impact is also lower on the environment. Plus wood which is cured properly tends to last for much longer. Also wooden gates which are no longer used can be recycled as well.
  • Before purchasing a standard gate, make sure to have the opening width measured properly. For gates which are not in keeping with the standard ones, would need customization. There is also an option of choosing gates with a bi-partition or one with a singular opening.


Things to keep in mind when purchasing timber gates

The following are a few tips which you should keep in mind when installing timber gates:

  • Use timber gates which are solid and thick. It’s a known fact that gate which are more solid tend to look aesthetically appealing. Such kind of gates tend to be more stable and resistant to weathering as well.
  • Choose wood which has been dried off its moisture content. It tends to have greater longevity and is also electrically resistant.
  • While there are standard gates available at the manufacturer you also have a choice of designing a custom gate.

Finding timber gates of the right quality is important. While you may rely on just about any manufacturer you should go for someone who is reliable and known for producing quality wooden gates.