Activists have been talking about climate change and environmental destruction for decades now, more recently the media too has chimed in and has started to discuss it on a small scale, this brought about awareness otherwise absent to larger groups of people and a proper discussion somewhat started. On an international scale, however, very little has been done to change these circumstances, with politicians and leaders all over the world having everything else but saving the planet as a top priority on their busy schedules, the task of making a change falls on the shoulders of each individual. Simple people, small and big businesses have now started to take measures in whichever way they can to contribute to saving the planet and ensuring a healthy and bright future. Although, there is so much that needs to be done to stop, erase and reverse the damage already done, the initiatives and efforts of all and any that are helping should not be left unappreciated.

On a personal scale, people have opted to eliminate plastic usage, they have begun recycling paper and cans, re-using items that can’t be recycled and limiting food wastage. Some businesses have introduced environment friendly packaging and products and monitor their own waste products to do their part.

What do timber furniture stores on the sunshine coast in Queensland do to help the planet? They also recycle.

Recycling is a promised path to try and regain damage control. Deforestation for timber and furniture is directly linked to environmental problems such as the buildup of carbon dioxide, loss of soil structure and nutrients, demolishing the natural habitat for so many animals and the list goes on. To help solve the problem, timber that has already been used to make furniture and such items can be sorted, de-nailed, cleaned and then processed into small wood chips that can be used in a variety of ways to make new furniture.

The process of course is not as simple as purchasing new timber and utilizing it, in fact it is longer, more labor intensive and a hassle compared to the conventional way. All old pieces of timber must be thoroughly inspected from the smallest to the largest piece, this is done to look out for any diseased wood, any nails and metal pieces embedded in it. Most pieces still need to be trimmed considerably to allow them to be used as edges of timber were exposed to a number of unfavorable circumstances, affecting the furniture that can be made by it.

Recycled timber does not come directly from old timber furniture alone, but also comes from demolition sites where timber was used for construction. Obtaining clean, decay-free wood from such sites is more difficult than any other place.

It can be agreed that recycled timber is not the most convenient to produce but the pros far outweigh the cons, in the long-term if everyone took a stand and if legislation passed focusing primarily on recycling, the world would be on the road to mend. Timber furniture stores on the Sunshine Coast have a responsibility as do we, to do our utmost best in protecting the Earth we live in, it is a hopeful sight to see that recycled timber furniture can be found somewhere on the sunshine coast for that very purpose.