The best way to describe the Australian weather is extreme. For all situations, there is an ideal solution that counteracts the implications of being outdoors for too long. Marquees are designed to offer protection from the elements.

With the rise in innovation and creativity, marquees are now used as branding assets and art displays. If you want to order custom printed marquee for your event, you need to analyse the features to ensure you get the best deal.

First, you will want a long-lasting item. Thus, ensure that you research on the best quality material used in creating marquees and determine the longevity of each material. You should also seek material that is at per with the specifications on the standards that are set in the area you are planning to use it.

Different types of materials are used in the production of marquees, each of which performs well in specific weather conditions. You need to find one that ideally fits your situation.

Secondly, you need to focus on the portability and the ease of use. Marquees are often used for picnics, beach days, and sporting events. Thus, ensure that you get one that allows you to assemble and dismantle when you are on the move. It should also have a bag that eases portability.

Finally, when you go into the market in search of a marquee, you need to ensure that it not only meets your specifications for size, but it should also fit your budget. Consider the space, safety features, and the material you want before coming up with a reasonable budget that will guide your purchase.

Getting a Custom-printed Marquee

One significant advantage of buying a marquee is that it is extensively flexible to the situation it is used. Now, you can customise yours and take it for exhibitions and displays to promote your brand identity or art. There are three reasons why people purchase custom-printed marquees, these are;

  1. The need to communicate – printing messages that guide clients on the use of specific items or presenting information on concepts allows you to reach a bigger audience. Custom-printed marquees are an efficient and effective resource when it comes to passing messages across, especially in a loud area.
  2. You want to stand-out – these are used for exhibitions where different vendors and companies are selling services. You get the attention of your clients through your marquee.
  3. For branding purposes – most brands use marquees to display their logo, tagline, and mission statement. This gives them visibility and promotes interaction with clients.

Despite your reason for getting a customised marquee, you need to ensure that you go about the process correctly.

How to Get a Custom-printed Marquee

You first need to determine the type of marquee you want. Define the specifications on height and size. This informs the pricing process. You then need to determine how much space on the marquee will be printed. There are various options to choose from such as one side, outer walls, half the area, or the roof.

Although the printers have some artwork for clients to choose from, you can send images you want on your marquee. Branding projects will require a logo, tagline, and company name. The areas to be covered and the size of the marquee are the primary determining factors on the pricing of the project.