Do you want to give a fresh look to the walls of your office or home without necessarily breaking the bank? If you are, wall murals are your best design solutions.

The best thing about wall murals is its easy and quick application. Changing them is also quick and easy. One pull is all it takes to strip them away from your walls.


Great design solutions provided by wall murals for walls


You’re wrong if you’re thinking wall murals are the same as wallpaper. While both of them are used as design solutions for the walls of a home or office, they are two different things.

Wallpaper is a permanent wall cover that usually includes different colours, textures, patterns, and prints. A wall mural, on the other hand, is a digitally printed illustration or photograph of the highest quality.


  • Wall murals can be personalised with endless possibilities. This means that you can be as creative as you can with wall murals. Complementing, captivating, and enhancing are unique patterns, textures, illustrations, and photos provided by wall murals.
  • Completing a wall mural image does not mean rolling out the whole thing on the wall. Rather, the murals can be divided into panels for seamless application every time and all the time. Air bubbles are not a problem with wall murals as well.

Design guidelines for wall murals


The design diversity of wall murals makes them perfect accessories and enhancements for home or office walls. When it’s for the home, it is important to know the design you have in mind. Here are some wall mural design guidelines to make it good the first time around.

  • Think about textures, scheme, and colour palette of the room to help you create the aesthetic you want.
  • A small space will naturally need a smaller mural print. An oversized photo or large print will detract rather than attract when used for small spaces.
  • Rule to remember: large space, large print; small space, small print
  • Go for a minimalist wall mural design to give the room a clean look. A wall mural with too many lines and patterns will make the room look cluttered and too busy.
  • Office walls are the best place for wall murals. Placing a great looking wall mural will quickly add appeal to the otherwise boring walls of an office.
  • Other commercial areas that will get instant design uplift include a lobby and reception area.
  • Create a statement with guests and customers by choosing a wall mural that catches the eye and attention.


The ultimate goals of wall murals


Much larger and bigger than wallpaper patterns, murals are fashioned from the digital images of illustrations or photographs.

The ultimate goals of wall murals are to give depth to any wall of a room or office and stand out at the same time. The wow factor is with the wall mural. It may wow your guests or customers but it will never consume or overwhelm a room. Just remember to make the design simple to provide the balance and aesthetic accent of a wall mural.

Making a space different and exciting is quickly achieved with the addition of wall murals. What are the mural wall scheme, style, and texture you are thinking about? Order wall murals for your walls and make your home as fancy as can be.