How to do house cleaning: 15 useful tips
Cleaning your home by following these simple tips will help you keep it tidy, without having to spend entire days cleaning . Following a few small tricks, it is possible to have a clean house even if you spend a very little time there. How to do house cleaning quickly? Follow these simple tips:

1) To quickly clean the kitchen, make a mixture of bicarbonate and water and apply it on the entire floor. With a sponge soaked in vinegar, then remove the mixture. In two minutes the kitchen will be clean, degreased and bright.

2) By combining water, bicarbonate and white vinegar, a powerful degreaser is obtained to clean the sanitaryware or to degrease the kitchen.

3) Clean the glass with the paper newspapers , to make them brighter and do not leave streaks.

4) Lemon juice and white vinegar, are excellent for degreasing and cleaning the oven and the fridge.

5) Hot water and Marseille soap, together, are excellent for cleaning floors and parquet quickly.

6) Marseille soap is an excellent pre-treatment for white and colored garments.

7) A dry cotton cloth allows you to quickly remove dust from knick-knacks and wooden furniture (without the use of specific products).

8) To keep the bathroom clean, use bicarbonate every day. Just spread it on the sanitary ware, and then proceed to its elimination with a sponge and hot water. In a few minutes the toilets will be clean and shiny.

9) When you cook something in the oven, the trays tend to become encrusted. To remove the encrustations, immerse the pan in hot water and cover it with a cloth. Wait half an hour and you’ll see that after you degrease in a few minutes.

10) To clean the furniture, windows and doors, just an anti-static cloth and some water and vinegar. To avoid leaving stains, proceed immediately to dry them with a dry antistatic cloth.

11) If you have sofas, chairs or white furniture , you can keep them bright with a cream based on bicarbonate, talcum powder and water. Spread it on the white areas, and let it act for 5-10 minutes. Then with a sponge and warm water, proceed to cleaning. Dry everything with an anti-static cloth.

12) Washing the dishes, it can be really boring: to make first, fill the sink with hot water, place inside dishes and crockery, with a glass of vinegar. Leave for five to ten minutes and then wash the dishes normally.

13) Coarse salt and vinegar are excellent for eliminating limestone. Place them in the measuring cup of the washing machine, make a vacuum wash, to make the basket clean, and the pipes free from limescale.

14) A cup with coffee grounds , put in the fridge helps eliminate bad smells.

15) Eliminates moisture with coarse salt . Place two salt punches in a glass and place them on top of the furniture in the upper areas of the house to remove moisture and prevent mold.

Cleaning the house: how to have a clean house every day
Cleaning the house in the morning, every day before going out, is a good habit to have a house always tidy . Just half an hour to have the bathroom, the kitchen and the floor always impeccable, how? Simple, use the homemade degreaser based on vinegar, bicarbonate and water on all surfaces of the kitchen and on the sanitary ware and let it work for five minutes. Finally, wear an anti-static cloth to make them shiny, clean and dry throughout the day. For the floor you can vacuum in all rooms to keep them cleaner for a long time. The glasses and furniture, you can instead clean them once a week, with one of the proposed methods. In this way, cleaning the house will be even easier and faster.

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