Australians love the outdoors! One of the first topics that come to mind when thinking of Australia is the potential for outdoor adventures. Tourists flock to cities like Adelaide for a wide variety of available activities. Both locals and visitors alike love to take advantage of the scenic properties that set Australia apart from anywhere else in the world. When planning your next road trip, it’s important to think of all of the possibilities. The caravan is not only your method of transportation but your home for the duration of your trip. The following tips can help make your family vacation one to remember forever:





For larger families, size matters. Picking the correct caravan size can help avoid hearing the kids ask, “are we there yet?” Typically, a caravan can hold approximately seven people. Naturally, there are also varied options available for those who need more or less space. Size can also impact other internal features that may impact your decision and initial purchase.




Is your trip extended? The duration of your adventure is a factor in choosing a caravan. Perhaps a full-size kitchen is a necessity, or maybe multimedia entertainment is required to keep the children occupied for long hours on the road. Different dealerships offer varied internal features in regards to safety, entertainment, lodging, and more.




When your family stops for the night, setting up camp is a crucial part of the process. An awning keeps everyone covered from the hot Australian sun. Many new caravan owners are shocked to find how many options are available for awnings. Lately, the rollout awning has been hailed as the best and easiest method. It’s simple to set up, convenient to use, and available on many different models. People flock to the rollout awning because it’s convenient for longer and shorter breaks during a trip.


When choosing an awning, it’s important to assess the caravan thoroughly. The first step is to make sure no obstructions are present with the one you’re considering. An end goal is to cover the most space overhead without blocking any lights or doors. A good idea would be to first measure the dimensions of where the awning would be placed on the caravan and match that up with the awning itself. Secondly, it’s important to note if the awning comes with additional accessories such as ropes.


Quality is imperative, as well. The awning should be durable for any weather conditions or other circumstances that may be beyond anyone’s control. It should also be easy to install, and most can be self-installed. Here is a YouTube tutorial that can guide you through the set-up process:




Budgeting is a tricky beast. Thankfully, the caravan is largely a piece of the transportation budget, and it can extend for several trips to come. The median range for the cost of a caravan is about $30,000 AUS.


Family vacations are memories that can last a lifetime. Many see their road-trip as a tradition and get excited to begin the planning process. Buying a caravan can seem intimidating as a first-time purchaser, but the secret is that it’s not! All it takes is a bit of research and understanding. Nobody knows your family as you do, and therefore your family’s needs can be best accounted for when choosing one. If you factor in size, features and awning options, your family’s home-away-from-home will be within reach! Kakadu Annexes stock rollout caravan awnings. Call them before you set out on a road trip.