Who is an architect?

An architect is someone with skills and passion to design buildings on a plan before it is actualised. He/she is someone who has been trained and licensed to work on designs and plans of buildings and other structural development. Architects are the champions who are in the forefront in functional and concept designs up to the final actualisation of those plans and designs and often provide advice to the builders on the best technical building solutions to the aesthetics associated with certain architects.

Professional qualification of an architect

For you to be an architect in Australia, you have to pass the requirements of ACCA a body responsible for registering architects, and they also assess non-Aussies who wish to undertake architectural activities in the country. Although the requirements of architect qualifications may vary from country to country, there are three basic cutting edges common across. These are; university degree or any advanced qualification equivalent, attend an internship in an architect’s office or worked as an architect for a certain pre-specified period, and exams by a jurisdiction passed before registration as a qualified architect.

Why study architecture?

As defined earlier, the architect is the art and science of designing and planning huge buildings and skyscrapers that are not only high-rise but also aesthetic and landmarks with the potential to attract tourists. Architecture involves designing and planning spaces where people can spend their lives. It is not only an opportunity to design plans and buildings but also be friendly to the environment. I will list and explain some of the reasons to study architecture.

  • It is kind of an invention. The architecture allows its students and those who-would be architectures to think outside the box. While designing, their chances of coming across different suggestions from different parties and stakeholders to improve the appearance of the project are a great way for an architect to be creative.
  • Architectural courses, unlike other courses where you must appear in class and person, you can get a chance to think from the right side your brain and allow out of the box creativity.
  • Architecture is a high paying profession with options to be self-employed and practise privately or get employment from companies and government agencies which are on top of the notch salaries, among the highest paying jobs in the world after legal fraternity field.
  • Architecture, as it is, may look narrow, but it gets broader when you invest to study it. For example, inside of the architectural courses, there are other subjects to be studied including; human behaviour – art, history and material science, engineering, physics and material science.
  • The architect is the most diverse field of study but with the most enjoyable and challenging, a brainer to blow your imaginations. Every building an architecture design is different and unique from the previous, therefore no monotony of providing services to the clients in this field. It is a teaser, a thrill and a challenging work that is mostly exhilarating.
  • Architecture is a hands-on experience field where graduates get to mingle with clients during building scale models, surveys and generally talking to people which is active.
  • Architecture sounds like an 8 to 5 office job, but it is far beyond that, you will face real-life challenges and situations while designing complexes and skyscrapers. You get to travel a lot when your name has been approved by the relevant body.

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